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A Book, and its Home.


Chapter 1 - The Motive:


Before we talk of creativity and design, let us understand purpose and reason...


A long long time ago, in 1997, a designer called Zopsigog met a small mobile machine. The machine was beautiful. It's slick engineered capsule body was alluring, it's mind of infinite possibilities was liberating, its popularity was inevitably prolific. Zopsigog attached the machine into its ear and onto its thumbs and without looking backward flew headstrong into the future.

Zopsigog wasn't alone, the entire world had met similar machines and within a fury of futuristic hunger they dropped their books, cameras, record players, musical instruments, maps and stories, they discarded their paintings, pottery, artwork and history and unwittingly they laid to waste much of the past.

None of us realized what had happened, we were happy to understand all of our past, present and future through the hypnotic eyes of our new machine friends. Through the endlessly intelligent voices inside them we knew everything that we could possibly dream of, every argument was settled within minutes, every lost word was found, not a moment would go by without factually correct precision.

As our knowledge grew we began to learn more and more about the intricacies and implications of the machine and we began to understand that its web of inexhaustible knowledge had holes. It was these holes that allowed its glossy perfection but in being so, the fickle nature of its inherent script allowed for its freedom to be malleable, indistinguishable and at times erasable...


Culture is made physically, it exists tangibly and, although incredible, the extents of our digital lives should never intrude on this.

At the height of our consideration for this Library we relished and celebrated the beauty and care required within the indelible act of putting pen to paper, saw to wood and chisel to stone, we embraced the strident identity within the stroke and character of one’s written word, we mused over the power and pattern of one’s phasing and paragraph and ultimately we obsessed over the beauty of the Book.



Chapter 2 - The Creative:


The Book has a strident identity, so on mass how do you house this bustling crowd of individual spokesmen? What does a house of world culture and knowledge look like?


A room of grandeur and importance; an arena of social expression etiquette and network; a home of knowledge and tangible intellect.


The Structure of Display.

Great historic rooms such as Trinity College Library -Dublin, The Natural History Museum -London and the British Museum Reading room – London provide endless inspiration. From these we see books and artefacts being treated with a magnitude of care, respect and cultural importance.

The display of both artefacts and literature in tandem allows the reader to understand in mental perfection as well as physical realization. On mass the bindings of organization texture the walls, each in detail being a new world read to explore. The warmth of real wood crafted in intricate profiles provides a classical backdrop of natural honesty. Cool marbles and task lighting highlight each of the displayed events. With the formality of display and organization enclosing the perimeter the central zones give way to freestanding flexibility.


The Roundness of Room.

Rooms of power, importance, rhetoric and enactment, such as the Pantheon in Rome, the Oval office in Washington and the Globe Theatre in London have certain inherent qualities that enforce their philosophy.

Rounded rooms hide no devils in corners and level any platform of status. Their exuberant, luxuriant use of space implies their prominence. Their tailored calculus and required gymnastic thinking reflects their intelligence.

The oval geometry of the space derives from this and the inherent geometry of the Architectural parameters.

Drawing down such geometry invoked an understanding of the natural form of the Lotus.


The Importance of Light.

Much like the prominence of being round, the presence of dramatic natural light has a huge part to play in the status of our environment. In a spectacular of godly presence, a pure and singular shaft of sunlight vividly spotlights the center floor of the Pantheon, casting profiled shadow over wall details and dramatically identifying its character.

With great episodic performance the centralized skylight channels the drama of direct light into the center of the room.

Meanwhile the organically profiled ceiling funnels and gracefully sculpts the refracted and indirect light and whilst rolling around its curves and cuts it is bounced and magnified to provide and calming and subtle ambiance.


A Familiar Imprint.

The seat of great intellect has personal imprint. As learned individuals will all vouch, one’s thoughts are best collected in the seat of familiar surroundings. The seats of great writers, philosophers, intellectuals, dreamers and scholars all differ in their personal preference but are all identifiable by the pronunciation of their imprint. A familiar comfort, open enough to socialize but encapsulating enough to be private, high enough to work but low enough to lounge… in short our challenge was to find a selection of chairs to suit all needs, some purely functional and some territorially lovable.


The Lotus.

As our geometry stumbled across the lotus, in a subtle narrative we continued to follow its source. From the carpets revealing and explaining the inherent calculus to the Lotus leaf lighting delicately providing that homely touch. We have grown to understand the lotus to represent purity, with the purist of forms and colour rising from the depths below – we hope that this will be a fitting analogy, with the power of all that this Library will grow to represent and encompass.



Chapter 3 -The Design:


With such a space - god is in the detailing.

Understanding the many perceived operations and future proofing adaptations of the functionality in detail brought the team of international consultants thousands of miles around the globe. The technical realization and design of this space begin to breath and apply itself operationally and functionally with simple considerations such as: flexible shelving, display point flexibility; concealed storage; identification of homely dressing points; precise tasking of light; Categorization and organization of space… Many of these meetings began with in depth discussion on – is it a reception desk or a greeting table, or do DVDs deservedly require a place or should their space be utilized with other forms of film and music medium.

 Through our 6 staged Creative and Design process we have incubated an initial musing and extreme thought on the future into a physical character that embodies our cultural loves and crafting.


Chapter 4 - The Reality:


And in conclusion let us learn...

… Many had begun to experience a rapid and exponential growth to only one side their brains, their bodies had begun to shrivel and disintegrate and before they knew it they were faced with a singular fact - only the known was known and because it was so perfectly grown nothing new was ever sewn. There were a Few that began to rebelliously break from such purist and machine driven thought, and those seemingly managed to reinstate a balance, their hands grew back to capture the dexterity to create and craft imperfectly, their minds stabilized to encompass the questionable anarchy required to calculate new thoughts and approaches, and eventually these Few were again truly able to make mistakes, discover unpredictable anomalies, explore unexplainable truths and independently get lost in their self-created thoughts...


This is our gift to you and to the city of Mumbai.

We look forward to seeing our Lotus flower and continue to grow…